Cheap Plastic card printing in Hanoi

Print technology: offset printing technology, laser, heat transfer, ...

Paper material: PVC

Size: Depending on customer needs, ...

Processing: Glossy coating, plastic rolled, angled, embossed,….

Our printing company’s commitment:
o Print the cards again if there are any mistake
o Warrant the quality and the guarantee of the products
o Try to print until the customer satisfied with the product
o Consult about cards printing for free

What plastic card use for?
We make sure that all of us have seen plastic cards before. Going to school with a student card, going to work with an employee card, bringing a membership card when going to the gym, etc. This is regard as one of the marketing strategies to promote the brand name and a smart way to check information.
Plastic Cards is a kind of rectangular card, made of PVC plastic material, with the advantage of high durability, adaptability to the environment, beautiful appearance and affordable price.

Plastic cards have these following main types:

o Employee identification card
o Membership card
o Student ID card
o Coupon
o Insurance card
o Key card
o Access control card
o VIP card
Looking at the classification, we can see plastic cards appearing everywhere: schools, restaurants, businesses, shopping malls ... This proves that plastic cards play an important role in the fields of life:

Helping the management of businesses unified and optimal
Taking the example of employee cards, businesses can easily control their employees as well as the entrance and exit of employees, to contributing to a unified organization.

Increase the value of the business
When plastic cards appear everywhere in the organization, the value as well as the professionalism of the organization or business is raised, creating credibility and asserting his name.

Plastic cards are divided into three types include 3-layer PVC cards, 4-layer PVC cards and Induction cards.

3-layer PVC card:

Consists of 3 layers of plastic laminated together by heat presses, printed with digital inkjet printers, retains color for a long time. However, if exposed to a lot of water will be smudged.

4-layer PVC card:

4 layers of plastic pressed together by high frequency machine.

Print with more advanced technology, it is offset printing with infinite color fastness, no smudging colors. Therefore, the cost of printing 4-layer plastic cards will be higher than the usual 3 layers.

Touch card:

Using offset printing technology 4 colors 2 sides.

4-layer PVC material for durability, especially this card uses Proximity or Mifare sensor chip.

Often used to make time cards, access cards, parking cards - tickets ...

Highlights of paper cards printing

Although a plastic card is not large in size, its benefits are immense. Maybe you can see some basic information on the card but the card is compatible, synchronizing information with the computer, creating an effective management for the business.

 Diversity of models, designs, designs according to needs and preferences.
 High durability, good waterproof ability.
 Print clear, true colors.
 Small size, easy to use.
 Effective information management thanks to the combination of magnetic stripping, QR codes ... on the same card.
 Low price, cost savings.

Why you should choose print plastic cards at Vien dong fast printing.,JSC?

With nearly 10 years of experience, we always provide our customers the products with the best quality. We believe with our experience and modern facilities, we will give you the best serve and you will be satisfied. Diversified in design, understand the needs of customers. Vien Dong fast printing.,JSC with modern technologies, improved everyday as the trend of market. In addition, we also have these following commitments:

 Guarantee to standardization as required.
 Commit to complete on time and deliver fast.
 The staffs are skilled, professional, dedicated and enthusiastic consultants.
 Fast printing time, can be taken right in the day.

Plastic cards printing occupation

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